Thursday, October 25, 2012

South East Asian Metal Attack Mixtape #1

Atomicdeath - Kombat 666
taken from the Hellish Nuclear Destruction split CD, released by Blood of War Records

Tools of the Trade - Disconnected
taken from the Tools of the Trade/Compulsion to Kill split 7", co-release from BULLWHIP RECORDS/REVULSION RECORDS/CACTUS RECORDS/PURE MINDS RECORDS/Dogma Artistic Guerilla

Hatred Division - Stickymouthegoisnose
Taken from the split cassette with Gorgonized Dorks, available through

Disgusted - Death in the World of Death
taken from the album Half Decade In Torture released by Bloody Chunks Records

Brimstone in Fire - Putrescence
taken from the the self-released Live + EP

Mass Hypnosia - Traumatic Violence
taken from the album Attempt to Assassinate, released by One-A Records

from the upcoming EP Stoned to Death, released by Berdugo Records

Bloodstone - Based on a True Story
taken from the split cd Hellish Nuclear Destruction released by Blood of War Records

Truth Be Known - Herbalife
taken from the album Asphyxihate, available from