Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hatred Division Interview

Though they only formed last year, Hatred Division are a fixture in Kuala Lumpur's grindcore scene. Featuring members of local veterans SMG and Diseksa, the band has released a number of high-profile split EPs with legends Unholy Grave and Agathocles. I e-mailed some questions to guitarist Rikard Paladin; his answers, like his music, were short and to the point.

Dreams of Consciousness: What is the Hatred Division lineup?
Karl Jeans - blast; Rikard Paladin - bzzz;  47 - bleurgh.

DoC: When was Hatred Division formed? What were your goals with the band?

[The band] formed in the middle of 2011. We hope we can make great friendship between all grinders around the world.

DoC: If you could describe Hatred Division in 5 words, what would they be?
Raw x Angry x Grindcore

DoC: How did the split releases with Unholy Grave and Agathocles come about?
That's kind of personal since both bands are pioneers in grindcore (which based on released). For me, it was our passion to share releases with them. I contacted the bands and our drummer did the label contact.

DoC: Most Hatred Division releases are on cassette. Why is this? What do you like about the format?
We try to keep analog alive. Honestly, cassette tapes are cheaper and we still have a cassette pressing factory here and it's kind of nostalgic.

DoC: Hatred Division has a few releases on Bandcamp, including the split with Unholy Grave and the latest split cassette with Gorgonized Dorks. What are there benefits to having a Bandcamp page?
Bandcamp helps us to spread our music. The same with Youtube (but that contains video), but it's hard for those who have slow internet (saves bandwidth). It's also easier for who don't have analog [formats] like cassette tape and vinyl.

DoC: Hatred Division, like Rotgut and Gymnastic Skull Whistling, don't have a bass player. Are bassists an endangered species in Malaysia? Should we start donating to the World Wildlife Fund on their behalf?
That's a great idea [apparently I'm full of 'em - DoC]. Including a bass player would mean a bigger line-up. Dealing with more people brings problems (that's my personal opinion). But sure, I like a distorted bass sound like Regurgitate ^_^

DoC: If you were to make a cassette of Malaysian bands, what would your ideal Side A and Side B be?
Parkinson and SMG.

DoC:What's next for Hatred Division?
More split cassettes ^_~

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