Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Tools of the Trade!

My buddies Tools of the Trade have a new split CD with Indonesian grind kids Busuk.  The release, by local label Strain Eyes Productions, features ten songs from Busuk and eight from Tools.  Check out "Falsehoods" on Soundcloud now:

The full tracklisting is as follows:
BUSUK 1. Anjing Ngtent 2. Govermentot 3. Go Grind 4. Courified 5. Self Profit Purpose 6. New Version of Hell 7. Grindcore Ninja Holocaust 8. Illustrasi Pembangkang 9. Dewa Pembantai Raja 10. There's No Way Out

TOOLS OF THE TRADE 11. Confrontation 12. Fake 13. Falsehoods 14. Sloth 15. Jijik 16. Suffocate 17. Putus 18. Kerajaan

For ordering information, contact Mazmi Arshad at Strain Eyes (STRAINEYES-at-GMAIL-dot-COM) or Bebal Mailorder.