Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uncle Adrian's Story Time

This is a long shot, but I'm hoping someone can help me out...does anyone remember a metal/hc band, circa 2001-2002, that ditched their singer, and the singer went on to do a show by himself at a metalfest (most likely NJ Metalfest or New England Metalfest)?  It was reported on in Metal Maniacs and a few of the other US metal magazines; I met the singer at a show at the Wetlands in NYC and he essentially told me that the band attempted to blackmail him into giving them a higher salary; he promptly fired the rest of the band, and went to the Fest (which he had paid for) and basically did the entire set by himself, a cappella... the only other detail that I have is my friends Scar Culture played that fest as well, though they played so many shows during that time I'm doubt they'll remember that one specifically.  Anyways, hit me up in the comments section if any of this sounds familiar.